Commitment Privacy:

NS Digimarketing knows that you are very secure about your information and don’t want to let it go in wrong hands. We appreciate your trust on us. To better protect your privacy, we are providing privacy policy to explain how your information is being collaborated and collected by NS Digimarketing.
By visiting our website and accepting our services, you agree to the terms and conditions that are mentioned in this privacy policy.
Our website is designed and maintained by third party vendors to provide proper and manageable service to the customers. Their privacy policy has been accepted by NS Digimarketing.

Collection and Use of Information:

While choosing our services, we need some of your personal data. This personal data should be identifiable by the government authorities, in order to prevent any scam in the future. These personal details will not be disclosed to any one and will be used to either contact you or for personally identify you. However, you have full right to choose what information you can provide or not.

Online Data:

We are here to inform you that whenever you will visit our website or access our services your browser will send to us known as online data or log data. The information send to us will contain IP address, time and date of your visit, pages you access and other stuff.


While visiting our website, there are some text files that are stored in your device every time you visit our website. We and other party use cookies to remember your sign in and preference so that you does not have to input them each time, allowing us to monitor site performance, to show the relevant content on your website so that we may work on our site to give better user experience in future.

Third Party Use:

The sites allow you to link to other sites on the internet through various marketing strategies such as share or like buttons and other websites which may direct link to your website. Also, we may have to include the third person or party to execute your marketing tasks. In this case we have to disclose your information to that party or person. If you are not okay with that then we would not be able to provide the best results. However, we ensure that the third party person does not use your information in wrong ways. The privacy information practiced by them are governed by them and not by us. We strictly recommend to you review the privacy policy of those websites to know how data is collected and share on those website.

Sensitive Information:

We highly recommend to you not to share any sensitive personal data such as religious issues, sexual orientation, political issues and other adult stuff which may harm sentiments of the people. We want you to use our services freely and without any trouble.

Child Policy:

The sites are not for the children under 18. We does not collect or disclose any information from minors under 18. However we highly recommend taking their guardian or parent consent before providing any information to us. If something went wrong then you can contact us via the contact form or our email:

Policy Upgrade:

There may be a policy upgrade from time to time and we highly recommend visiting our website when our policy gets revised. However effective date marked at the top of the page will mention when was the last policy was revised.

Questions, Concerns and Complaints:

Your privacy is very precious to us. If you have any questions regarding your privacy you can pitch us on:
However, we highly recommend not disclosing any information regarding any cash or bank account details.

These privacy policy are applicable to every person who visited our website or accepting our services. The privacy policy does not apply to the practices of third party that NS Digimarketing does not own or control or to individuals that NS Digimarketing does not employ.