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How Social Media Will Help To Improve Google Ranking Of Your Website

Today social media is one of the most valued allies of SEO. People who have a big business has a very good social media marketing strategy. They have separate workers working on this. Well the same strategy can help you work in a cooperative manner for your business. This can further improve google ranking of your website if you have one. 

There is one common question that most of the beginners believe. So, before we jump out to the strategies let clear out this myth.

Social Media Directly Improve Google Ranking:

Most of the people think that social media improve google ranking directly but it is not like that. The real truth is that social media does not give a direct boost to your website. Newbies think social media posts and engagements send signals to their pages.

Brand Mention and Social Media Engagements:

Most of the marketers think that brand mentions and social engagements improve google ranking of their website. And yes, years back ago many big brands have used the strategy of mentioning the brand names in the social media. They might have got a good success rate but it is an incomplete strategy.

Most of you might get surprised but it is true!!

With so many social media updates in a day, it is hard for the search engine to crawl each post. Social media analytics such as engagements and others are unreliable methods of measurement. So, there is another way through which search engine might make a good use of social mention.

Social Media Links and SEO:

As we know that a majority of social media links contain external links. May those links contribute to the ranking power of the pages to which they link to. Google treat social media posts in the same way as it treats the other websites. So, the link rule applies the same for the social media posts as well.

In all social media networks, all the post passes a no follow link authority for all the external links. Even if the links are do follow for social media post then also the Google will not crawl it. There are two reasons behind this:

  • Search engine face difficulty in identifying the true identity of social media links. So, it is difficult for them to know what value should be passed to the links.
  • A link from social media network is always treated as a link from other site and it will be viewed in the same manner. A search engine comes with a very smart technique. They already know that the link posted on social media is not a link from Facebook or Twitter.

So, there will be no authority to be passed to them.

Now the question here is when there is no authority passed to the links then why SEO give them so much priority? Let’s discuss the strategy to improve google ranking through social media.

Create As Many Link Opportunities:

It is one of the hardest opportunities to improve google ranking through social media. It is not only hard to implement but also hard from the recipient side. It is difficult as we don’t know how the client is going to react without any mail.

Site owners and writers cannot link to any content about which they have no knowledge. People should not share anything about which their knowledge is unfamiliar.

Some of the important tips that you have to keep in mind are as follow:

  • Create a proper sharing strategy for your social media content. You must include that where the sharing of content take place. Follow a proper procedure to share a new piece of content. Make sure the things are carried out in a wise manner. Keep a list of evergreen content ready to re-share it again.
  • Create a positive identity of your brand through a positive mention by the audience. If your brand is not getting any recognition from Google then start getting it from audience.

This will cause Google to view the brand as an identity. Here it does not matter how high you rank but what matters is for what you rank. Some of the best tips to do this is:

Work To Build An Audience Of True Brand Fans:

Give your user some kind of benefit when they mention your brand in positive manner. This can benefit many who are new to social media and looking to grow their audience online.

Stress On Building Partnership:

If you are in a business then focus more on building a strategic relationship. This will lead to a good partnership. Now days, it is quite difficult to reach your audience. A good partnership is the best to have and social media does it well.

For a successful business relationship, you need to focus on three things:

Fan Following: This can be one of the most important strategies for that can give a hike to your social audience. If you have a great fan following then you can get a great exposure to your content. You will be able to build a more positive audience for your brand.

Organic Influencer: Generally, an organic influencer is that is not paid but it is real. This is what most brands talk about when it comes to social media influencer. Your social marketing should have organic influencer.

This will help you build a genuine expertise audience, authority, and trustworthiness. These types of accounts are most valuable for the brand owners. Any positive endorsement from these accounts will have weight age with their audience.

Building A Good Partnership:

While building partnership, you need to focus on few things:

  • Focus on building relationship rather than increasing leads and engagements. Create a separate list of accounts you want to target for your relationship building. Make sure that these accounts get regular attention.
  • Keep in mind that your goal here is to build a relationship with your fans and the influencer. Apart from liking your post you have to go beyond that.
  • You will only manage to get the benefit of those relationships if you give value to them. One of the best ways you can gain engagement is by answering the queries they have.

So, try building a well good audience instead of increasing social traffic. If you have good connections then there will be definitely a hike on your business pages. This will definitely improve google ranking of your website for which you are fighting from the long time.

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