Dealing with difficult clients

Is Dealing With Difficult Clients Goes Tough For You?

Dealing with difficult clients goes tough when there is no response from client side. You have been stuck between whether to proceed or not with the project. Now you are getting angry daily.

Well, this is one of the most common problems that many agencies face when they pick up some new project. There might be some important questions that need to be answered.  Re-establishing a connection with the client is easy. All you need is some extra preparation for the client to impress. 

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Here are few ideas that can help you in dealing with difficult clients.

Provide As Much Information You Can:

No response from the client means that the client is confused. An easy solution to deal with client confusion is to be transparent to the client. Encourage your client to ask more questions about your skill and work. This will help them more involved in their project and will lead to more communication from them. Also, it will make client more confident about your services.

Be Clear About Your Job:

There is difference between providing too much information and enough information. Don’t confuse your client with unnecessary information and complicated questions. Be clear and make your calls and email short. Talk about the things that a client needs to know. List out the important points that you need to clear with your clients.

Have Patience:

No response from the client does not mean that the client is not interested. Your client needs extra time to think about it.

This is quite normal when working on large and complex project. There are some parts on which you can’t proceed without the client permission. In these situations dealing with difficult clients becomes tough as you are stuck. Follow up mails are good to send to your client but if it is a week then send them a polite email after a week. Try them asking if they need some extra information. In mean time start working with the other clients so that your productivity doesn’t get affected.

Give Priority To Important Questions:

Try to make simple as possible as you can for your clients. This is one of the most helpful strategies while picking the SEO projects. This thing helps the clients to make the decision. Try to wrap all the things in one simple question instead of sending a whole list. This might get the client irritated and you have to wait for your answer for a week. The other way you can do is to list out the questions in a choice way so it is easy for the client to answer.

Give A Revision To Your On Boarding Process:

If dealing with clients is getting tough for you then you need to change your on boarding process. Your on boarding process requires following changes:

  • Explain what you can achieve.
  • Explain your goals.
  • Create a proper plan on how thing are going to sort and how much time you can give to your clients.
  • How many times you can meet the client to discuss the progress of the project.
  • Mention how you are going to proceed if you are not in touch with the client.

Most of the agencies have accepted the formula of clear explanation of the projects. 90% of the agencies have succeeded by this formula while dealing with difficult clients.

Modes Of Communication:

It will be better if you try different modes of communication with the client. If you are unable to reach the client via email then you can give an old-fashioned call to your clients. And if you don’t want to use that then find them on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or any other media.

Take Reference From others:

Sometimes you can’t wait for the client reply from the other side. But if you are working on some time sensitive project then try asking other people. Though the idea is not good but if you are stuck, you might get some solution.

Alternate Ways To Make Progress:

If your one project is going on hold then try out on other areas don’t let you down with one project. For now look ways to re-promote their old content while you are a lull. They are going to appreciate you when they come back to you.

Definitely, a good SEO takes a time and effort between a client and the agency. If you are not able to reap the client’s help then it will be difficult to get the right results they are looking for. So, it is very important to make a good connection with your client.

But if you have strategies for dealing with a difficult clients then keep your self cool and calm. Do whatever you can do in a meantime unless the client is live. With a little patience, chances are good that you will be able to connect with them again.

Well, if you follow these all rules, you would be able to dealing with difficult clients.

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